Sunday, January 26, 2020
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360° Linkedin analysis of your personal profile / your Linkedin company page

In today's digital age, most first impressions start with a Web search, so it is essential that you are present, that you can be found and that you are building your brand in everything you do online.


WHY IS YOUR personal LinkedIn profile / Linkedin company page number one for building your online presence?


•     LinkedIn is ranking high in Google and other search engines, therefore your LinkedIn personal profile page and LinkedIn company page are often at the top of the search results by your name, the name of your company or other related keywords. In addition, more than 380 million business people (almost half of all the business people in the world) is forming a LinkedIn city where your potential business partners / employers expect to find expert information about you.

•     Your LinkedIn profile has become your online business card/resume. And as a business card/resume, your profile must also be professional, efficient and consistently communicate your personal brand, and help you to stand out from the competition.

•     LinkedIn has become the no. 1 /more about Linkedin/ professional business platform in the world.

•     LinkedIn is 4-times more effective for B2B as Facebook or Twitter.

•     49% of buyers is checking on vendors via their LinkedIn profiles.

•     44% of customers found potential providers through common LinkedIn connections.

•     Linkedin message has a 7x greater click-through rate than the usual e-mail.


DO YOU WANT expert feedback on how to optimize your personal LinkedIn profile page or Linkedin company page?

Your personal profile / LinkedIn company page will be reviewed by the entrepreneur and lecturer Brigita Lazar Lunder, MSc.,MBA, who has a personal LinkedIn profile that ranks among TOP 1 % in the world! She obtained most of her business (works with companies from the USA, Australia, Germany, England, Slovenia and the Adriatic region) through LinkedIn!


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