Sunday, January 26, 2020
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Linkedin Workshops

LinkedIn = largest resource for: More Efficient Marketing & More Potential Customers & Higher Sales & New Business Opportunities & Major Market Share & Excellent Staff

If you are not using LinkedIn yet (or do not use it professionally), you are losing your biggest source for potential new customers and increased sales. LinkedIn offers many opportunities for business around the world and in Slovenia.


The formula for a 100% success on LinkedIn is to have a personal professional profile of the key people in the company and a LinkedIn company page. Having a professional personal LinkedIn profile is a critical component, but this is only the first step, a foundation for your path to success with LinkedIn


Workshops / coaching topics

  1. Workshop: How to create an All-Star professional LinkedIn personal profile*
  2. Workshop : LinkedIn company page = your greatest source of business
  3. Workshop: How to sell more with LinkedIn? How to become a very successful marketer
  4. LinkedIn – No 1 tool to increase sales and business opportunities! 
  6. LinkedIn = the best tool of modern recruiters
  7. LinkedIn for TOP Managers / Top Sales Managers of the 21st century

Learn to create and manage a personal LinkedIn profile, Linkedin company page, to present your brand, to market, sell, look for potential staff or new business opportunities with the help of entrepreneur and lecturer Brigita Lazar Lunder, MSc.,MBA, who has a personal LinkedIn profile that ranks among TOP 1 % in the world! She obtained most of her business (works with companies from the USA, Australia, Germany, England, Slovenia and the Adriatic region) through LinkedIn!


* All workshops can be adapted to your needs and implemented for you and your employees.



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